Our Standard Policies


~ We have a minimum labor charge of $250, (does not include the cost of materials)

~ Fabric and foam are additional/separate costs to labor. 

~ All quotes are purely estimates based on the piece’s existing design. Changes to style, repairs, add-ons (i.e pillow inserts, cushion cores, arm covers, embellishments)  are all subject to additional charges. Please communicate these needs as soon as possible so we can quote accordingly.

~Quotes/estimates are valid for 45 days. If you have not paid a deposit to initiate the project within 45 days, the quote may be subject to updates. 

~All projects are allotted 1 hour of admin time. If admin time exceeds 1 hour, an administration fee will be billed at $60/hour in 15 min increments. 


~All yardage estimates are based off the standard 54” width with a SOLID color. 

~Patterned fabric requires more yardage based off the repeat size and may be subject to a labor markup based on the level of difficulty in the pattern matching. 

~Velvet, vinyl, leather and other alternative materials are also subject to labor markups based on their level of difficulty.

~We prefer and strongly recommend you purchase your fabric directly through us as we can advise and ensure that the material is suitable for your needs and our sewing machines.

~5.5% sales tax and any shipping fees for fabric are in addition to the price per yard cost.

~If you intend to machine wash your covers this MUST be communicated prior to purchasing fabric as there are limited types of washable materials and they MUST be pre-shrunk prior to fabrication. *We offer pre-washing/shrinking material for an additional fee based off amount of yardage.

~We do our absolute best to estimate the exact amount of fabric needed to cover your piece but inevitably, there will be scraps. In effort to “reuse, reduce, recycle” we reserve the right to repurpose scraps/remnants into signature HHH products. If you want your scraps back at the end of your project, please request that they be returned to you.

**Please Note**If you choose to purchase your fabric else where…

~We cannot take responsibility for any issues that arise as a result of the fabric i.e too thick, too thin, marks, stains, abrasions etc. 

~We reserve the right to charge a COM (customers own fabric) fee or labor mark up depending on fabric choice and its level of difficulty.

~Labor is subject to 6% service tax.

~Certain fabrics may not be suitable for your project or our sewing machines. 


~ On site fittings, measurements and deliveries are subject to travel fees based on distance and time spent. These will be quoted but are subject to change. 

Shop Appointments

~As we step in and out for fittings and deliveries, our shop hours are by appointment only, please call or email to schedule a visit.

Storage for completed projects

~ We will notify/invoice you upon completion of your project. We kindly ask that the invoice be paid and picked up within 1 week of notification.

~ Invoices unpaid after one week are subject to a $25 late fee weekly. 

~ Any projects not picked up within 30 days of notification of completion are subject to a $25 storage fee weekly.


~ All projects are different and we will quote accordingly but as a general rule of thumb we will ask for the full cost of materials upfront (fabric and/or foam,) the travel fee and/or a 50% deposit on labor at the time of fitting or drop off, and remaining 50% upon delivery or completion. 

~All materials, travel fees, and deposits are non-refundable.

~ Check is our preferred method of payment. They can be made out to “HHH” and mailed to 29 Green St. Gorham, ME 04038. 

~ We do accept credit cards– They can be paid directly through the invoice that we email you.


~We have a no return/no refund policy. If reasonable alterations are needed, we honor our labor in good faith for up to 6 months*

*We are not responsible for any issues that may arise after or as a result of machine washing or dry cleaning your product. 

*We are not responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of COM (customers own material) choice.