Fabric plays a huge part in the makeup and design of your new piece. It will often be one of the largest expenses in your project. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right fabric. After 20+ years in the industry and working with countless fabrics, we have come to understand what textile works best for your needs… be it slipcovers, cushions, pillows, upholstery etc. Check out the links below to our preferred fabric vendors and let us know what you like! Remember to order through us to ensure the fabric type is suitable and for the best price!

Here are some FAQ’s when it comes to choosing fabric for your project:

  1. Is fabric an additional cost to the labor? Yes, fabric is an additional cost and pricing depends on your fabric choice. Fabric prices range from $25-$200 per yard and just like clothing, there are economical brands and luxury brands. 
  2. Do I have to purchase my fabric from you? We strongly recommend you purchase your fabric through us. However, if you choose to purchase your fabric else where we charge a $10/yard COM (customers own fabric) fee or 25% labor mark up depending on fabric choice and it’s level of difficulty. Certain fabrics may be not suitable for your project or our sewing machines. 
  3. What type of fabric should I get? Fabric type will ultimately depend on what your project is but typically we like to work with home decor or upholstery grade fabrics that are between 10-12oz of weight. If your fabric is too thin, it will be more susceptible to tears and deterioration. If your fabric is too thick, it may look and/or feel bulky.
  4. I want a machine washable fabric. Do you offer that? We understand the ease of being able to take your covers off and throw them in the wash but just like clothing, the washing machine will deteriorate/warp your covers over time. That is why we do NOT recommend machine washing your covers nor will we make any alterations/adjustments after you wash your covers. If you still intend to machine wash, it is important that you choose a washable fabric or your cover may end up shrinking on you! 
  5. I want a patterned fabric. Does yardage differ from solid fabric? YES, yardage amount differs based off the repeat size of the pattern. It will also depend on what way you want the pattern going on your piece. We can help you figure out how much fabric you will need after we know the repeat size and pattern orientation.  
  6. Do you work with leather, velvet or vinyl? YES, we work with these materials but they bring an extra level of care and attention to detail so these, plus other difficult materials are subject to 50% labor mark up.

Our fabric vendors

Take a peek at the various fabric vendors we have accounts with. Swatches are available for purchase upon request or can be purchased directly through vendor. Remember to place your order through us to ensure the fabric is suitable for your project and for the best price on yardage. 

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